SaltStack For DevOps

Extremely fast and simple IT automation and configuration management.

Through this book you will learn how to use one of the most powerful System Administrators and DevOps tools.

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What SaltStack For DevOps Teaches

This book is a fruit of long hours of work and self-learning. Through this book, it's your turn to discover Saltstack, I will be your guide.

The 10 most important tips you’ll learn

  1. Configuration Management And Data Center Automation.
  2. Advanced installation of SaltStack with a practical installation case.
  3. Configuration and troubleshooting.
  4. SaltStack concepts like master, minion, syndic, key management, runners, configurations, states and top file, event-based execution, formulas.
  5. Using SaltStack to provision and control a Vagrant environment.
  6. Using SaltStack with a Docker container and monitoring Docker host system.
  7. Using Salt Cloud to provision and configure virtual machine on the Cloud
  8. Real world examples: installation and configuration of Apache web server, creating you own private storage cloud (SaltStack + Vagrant + OwnCloud), monitoring minions, scheduling monitoring tasks, automating wordpress / LAMP installation and configuration, using Vagrant and Docker..etc
  9. SaltStack best practices with a practical cheat sheet.
  10. Getting help and contributing to SaltStack community


To whom is this book addressed ?

To developers, system administrators and anyone faced to work in one of these environments in collaboration with the other or simply in an environment that requires knowledge in development and system administration.

Does this book includes real cases and examples ?

Through this book, you will learn how to install configure and use Saltstack. At the end, you will go through a chapter where some good examples and practical use cases are explained..

Is it easy to learn SaltStack ?

This book contains technical explanations and shows in each case an example of a command or a configuration to follow, this will ensure that you have a good understanding of each part before moving to the next one.

Why I wrote this book ?

I tried SaltStack first time when I saw my team taking more than 3 days to configure hosted platforms at each deployment ! After using SaltStack, the same procedure was taking less than 1/2 hour..


Great book on salt!!!

Brandona James

I'd like to tell you that you're doing an excellent job with this book.I've read all your posts related with Salt and all of them are very easy to understand for people that are beginners with these tools.

Miguel Ángel

.. I haven't found enough resources online to learn Salt, but this book was a good way for me to learn many things ..

Antal Miksa

I don't have a good english, but I was able to learn Salt.

Loîc Erwan

Nice work !.

Nicola Senno

About The Author

Aymen El Amri
Self-made DevOps / Self-publishing Author

Aymen is a Linux/DevOps engineer, actually working as the head of IT systems and DevOps in a Parisian startup. He worked on web development and system engineering for companies and startups. He is interested in DevOps philosophy, the lean programming and the tools/methodologies that comes with since his last experiences in this domains were successful..

He co-founded some projects in connection with the community of Free and Open Source Software, an infrastructure provider startup and he was involved in hackerspaces and other political/social movements in relation with technologies.

You can find him on Twitter, Linkedin, his blog and github.

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